How Plumbing and Drainage Relates to Your Most Basic Needs

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Plumbing And Drainage

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a list of essentials we need for life followed by other desires and needs. The most basic needs are food, water, shelter, sleep and air. What happens when someone falls violently ill due to a lack of clean water or because they don’t have working waste management systems? This is how plumbing and drainage is related to your most basic needs. You can’t move on to higher requirements like safety, love and self- actualization without fulfilling these requirements of life.

If you don’t maintain your plumbing system, the very air you breathe could become toxic. The release of sewer gas into your home can make your family sick.

Overflowing water from a backed up toilet or broken pipe damages your home, your shelter. If it isn’t dried out fast enough or happens repeatedly, the mold growth this fosters can impact your family’s health. Whether you suffer breathing problems or simply hate the smell of mold, it affects your quality of life. If you’re already dealing with chronic mold, call a plumber to find the cracked pipe that may be contributing to the problem so they can fix it.

Overflowing waste is even worse than clean floodwater. The dirty water containing human waste, food waste and cleaning chemicals carries it across your floor where it seeps into the carpets and walls. Now you have to worry about being made ill by both the bacteria this feeds that you could breathe in and the mold it nurtures. This is why you cannot afford not to have it fixed as soon as you suspect that your sewer line is clogged or septic tank is starting to back flow. You need to call a plumber when those sudden, unexpected clogs occur, too, such as when your toddler learns how funny it looks to flush toys down the toilet. Address these issues sooner rather than later, since a clog will cause more material to collect behind it until the system overflows. Fix it now, and you’ll get that toy or hair ball out. Wait a few days, and it will be compounded by human waste, hair, food particles and toilet paper. The mess that overflows will become more hazardous to your health.

Water quality is something that is not fully appreciated in developing nations such as India. People worry about fluoride and chlorine in the water and the luxury of how water tastes, forgetting that historically up to half of all children died before the age of five primarily due to water borne illnesses. Water quality can have major health consequences in the developing world. Rusting pipes and water pipes that let dirt seep into the line, discolor the water and pose a serious health risk. A water heater that isn’t set at the right temperature or malfunctions becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

Tree roots often block sewer pipes and water lines. The moisture from the pipe attracts the roots until they start to grow into the line; this issue is worse for sewer lines due to the extra nutrients they carry. That will start to dam everything that you’re trying to flush away. Instead of repeatedly flushing the toilet or pouring chemicals down the drain, have a plumber run a checking-snake down the line to clear the roots or use an environmentally safe drain cleaner that will work if tree roots are the problem.

By maintaining the plumbing and drainage system well, you’ll enjoy safe, clean drinking water and waste elimination. You can sleep easier, too, knowing that you don’t have to worry about toxic messes that endanger your family’s health.

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