1. Every company claims that they make high quality products and to justify claim that their product is ISI marked. However on careful evaluation, you will often find that not all the products are ISI marked. Check which location, the product is getting manufactured. Ask for the ISI certificates and details of their ISI listing and verify before proceeding. Aproved
  2. Many companies offer more than one range of product with different quality levels. Initially they shall discuss about a higher quality product while discussing price and shall make the proposition attractive however shall supply the lower quality product.
  3. Initial samples are good but later the product quality deteriorates very fast. This is a typical tactic that many companies adopt. Retailers must check the company background and also keep initial samples for reference and cross check from time to time.
  4. Range: Some companies are known to claim that they have full range and even show it in their catalogue and price list while in fact they do not have many items within the range. When ordered you will never receive the items against some excuse. To avoid this kind of issue, you may visit the distributor or company warehouse to verify the range.
  5. Issue resolution: What is the issue resolution mechanism from the company in case of a product issue or complaint? Whom to contact, who will support etc.? This must be clarified beforehand.

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