Pipe Plumbing Company: What To Consider When Looking For One?

Pipe Plumbing Company

One of the most important aspects of residential, commercial and industrial properties is to ensure a proper water supply system. From the very beginning of any project, the plumbing system is an integral part of the process. The success of your plumbing system depends on the pipe plumbing company which offers you high-quality pipes, fittings and technical services. Whether you are a retailer, homeowner, contractor or a building, if you are looking for a pipe company in India, here are a few things that you should look for: 

1. Manufacturing technology: Select a plumbing pipe company that uses advanced manufacturing technology and has plants to support the production. To provide quality products, we use only high-intensity mixing and shearing technology. We have 5 manufacturing plants that are strategically located in India and abroad. Our plants have comprehensive laboratory facilities, well-equipped tool room & other development facilities that help us to maintain quality and consistency in our products. We are among the first company in the country to use state-of-the-art European machines to process UPVC and CPVC pipes and fittings. 

2. Non-toxic products: Safety and reliability are some of the important factors that you should not compromise with when selecting a pipe company. Our CPVC and UPVC pipes are made from non-toxic raw materials. This means harmful chemicals cannot enter the water, making our products safe for health. Not just that, our products are completely recyclable and designed to last for over 50 years. 

3. Raw materials: The durability of plumbing products depends on the raw materials used in manufacturing them. Not only do we use advanced technology, but we also source raw materials such as polymers and additives from international companies. This ensures improved physical properties and superior performance of our products.  

4. Certification: When it comes to buying pipes for plumbing applications, quality should be your priority. Certifications and affiliations by reputed agencies act as an indicator of quality. Certification is one of your best tools to differentiate between a questionable pipe plumbing company or a reliable one. Our pipes are tested by some of the best labs in India and abroad. We are also the oldest PVC pipe ISI license holder in the country. We offer some of the most certified plumbing pipes in India. We are an award-winning company with over 15 domestic and international certifications.

5. Complete range of plumbing solutions: Whether you are constructing a house or a commercial building, look for a company where you can all plumbing solutions. We are a one-stop-shop for all your plumbing needs as we offer pipe fittings, valves, pipes and all other plumbing products.

6. Customer service: Excellent customer service is an important criteria on to consider when zeroing in on a pipe plumbing company. Whenever you are looking for a pipe company, make sure it has the capability to support you from the very beginning. We ensure that our customers, whether they are single-family homes, large residential buildings, commercial buildings get technical support whenever needed. We have over 132 field personnel and our response time is within 4 hours.