Which Pipes Are Best For Underground Drainage?

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Underground drainage pipes play an important role in getting rid of human waste. Lack of proper drainage or use of poor quality underground drainage pipes can lead to a lot of troubles such as flooding, damage to property and last but not the least unhygienic conditions. Underground drain pipes are subjected to various types of chemical and physical attacks and therefore you must choose them carefully.

Here are some of the features of the best underground drainage pipes:

1. Resistance to corrosion and chemicals: Metal pipes deteriorate due to a corrosive soil environment. It is one of the reasons why PVC piping systems are the go-to choice for underground drainage. Our underground drainage pipes are corrosion resistant. There is no scaling or pitting, ensuring optimum flow. They also do not react with the chlorine and other chemicals present in the water.

2. Leak-free: A leak in the underground drainage pipe can cost you a lot in repairs. Always go for an underground drainage pipe that ensures leak-free performance. Made using novel foam core technology, our underground drainage pipes are designed for superior performance. The ringfit jointing system ensures leak-proof joints.

3. Flexible: Underground drainage pipes are often installed in tight spaces, therefore, look for a pipe that offers greater flexibility. Our underground drainage pipes are specially engineered to provide increased flexibility in piping runs. They are ideal for tight spaces. Our drainage underground pipes offer significant flexibility in comparison to generic pipes.

4. Long service life: An underground drainage pipe is a long-term investment and thus quality should not be compromised. A good drainage system should be highly robust and durable with high impact strength. Made of the compound imported from the United States, our underground drainage pipes are designed to deliver long-term results.

5. Fast and easy installation: When pipes are easy to install, they can result in significant cost savings. Our pipes are quite flexible that makes them easier to install, handle and bend. As they are flexible, they require fewer fittings. Moreover, our pipes are lightweight and, thus, easy to transport and install, making them cost-effective.

6. Anti-rodent: Drains offer the perfect environment for rodents. They gnaw at pipes leading to leakages which can damage your property. One sure way to prevent the rodents from eating away the pipes is to go for anti-rodent drainage pipes. Manufactured under constant quality control, our underground drainage pipes are tough enough that rodents cannot damage them.

7. Easy to transport and handle: When you are buying underground drainage pipes, different installation options are available for different types of commercial and domestic applications. As a leading name in the plumbing industry, our pipes and fittings are tested and can be implemented on all types of surfaces. Made of highly stable compounds, our lightweight pipes make transportation and installation very convenient.

8. Anti-microbial: A hygienically clean drainage system is essential. Therefore, our underground drainage pipes are anti-microbial — this means the bacteria cannot survive and thrive on the surface of the pipes. The anti-microbial characteristics of the pipes enhance their durability and reduce bad odour caused by bacteria.

If you are looking for long-lasting underground drainage pipes, we have the right solutions for all your needs. For the last 50 years, we, at Ajay Pipes, have been offering all kinds of underground/below-ground drainage solutions.