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Sink bottle traps act as a first line of defence against harmful bacteria, foul gases and clogging of the drain pipes.
Bottle traps are under sink piping with a bottle-like pipe of wide diameter that automatically fills itself after every use of the sink. This water in the bottle pipe acts as a water seal that does not let any debris enter the drain pipe. Also, the connection of sink pipe is ultimately to the sewer systems which acts as a pathway for harmful foul gases that are produced due to dirt in the sewer systems to escape through the sink and contaminate the entire area. With this water seal in place, these gases do not find a way out and remain trapped inside the pipes.

P traps under the sink are fittings that can be used in place of sink bottle traps. They do not have a bottle like pipe, instead, there is a long small diameter pipe in the shape of the alphabet P which gets filled with the water and performs the same functions as the bottle traps.
As under sink piping should be done keeping in mind the space under the kitchen, P traps are used where the sinks are not pedestal mounted so that there is ample space for their installation.
In case of pedestal mounted sinks, bottle traps for kitchen sinks are the best options.

pipe fitting



Introduction of Pipe Fittings

Pipes and fittings play a crucial role in the plumbing system, ensuring efficient and smooth flow of fluids and water. Ranging from industrial and residential advantages, certain components are important for maintaining its function and integrity. Let’s dive into the importance of pipe fittings and its essential role in varying applications.

Good flow

The fittings are manufactured to ensure better flow of fluids within a plumbing system. And, its correct choice and installation ensures that fluids and water is transported efficiently from one point to another point, that lowers the pressure loss and enhances performance.

What is SWR Pipe & its Full Form

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Ajay Pipes is known for being India’s most advanced PVC SWR piping system available and has a complete range of SWR plumbing system for all your needs.
Ajay pipes are the first in India to incorporate the use of a DM-seal jointing system exclusively designed for easy, leak-proof, and cost-effective installation. The system ensures to offer different installation options, impeccable quality finish, and perfect dimensional accuracy.

What is SWR pipe?

SWR pipes are the PVC or UPVC pipes that are designed specifically for the drainage systems. SWR’s full form is Soil, Waste, and Rain water. So technically SWR pipe means the pipes and fittings used for soil, waste, and rainwater drainage.
A drainage system is highly important to discharge the wastewater from the land surface or sinks of living space or a building. The drainage system is very crucial to save crops and fertile lands from the overflowing water especially in India where monsoon brings heavy rainfall. Over the years people started to age in modern society and prefer compact housing. What they forget to concentrate on is a hi-tech domestic drainage system. This is where SWR pipes come into the picture.

Schedule 40 & Schedule 80 pipes

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Introduction to Schedule pipes or simply Sch pipes

The meaning of Schedule in the world of piping systems is a reference to how heavy or light duty the piping component is. Pipe Schedule details the thickness of the pipe or more specifically the wall thickness of pipe with respect to different internal pipe bore diameter. Under this system the pipe diameter remains same for a particular nominal diameter designation. For eg a 2” pipe will have the same outer diameter for Sch 20 or sch 40 or sch 80 or sch 120 systems however the thickness will keep increasing in the same order.


AICL Ball Valves & Conceled Valve


PVC Plumbing Valve:

Valves are mechanical fittings that are used to control the flow in the plumbing systems, sometimes also used to change the direction of the flow.
Valves are very crucial in plumbing systems where flow control is required like motor pump connections, aquariums, swimming pools, industries, etc.
They are also essential to stop the flow whenever maintenance work needs to be carried out.