Plastic Pipe

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Introduction to Plastic Pipes

Over the years, plastic pipes have successfully replaced the use of metal pipes. They are an ideal choice in most of the piping and plumbing solutions because these pipes do not corrode, are resistant to scaling, are light weighted, easy to handle and install. These features make them economical and highly durable due to which Plastic pipes are widely used in the water and food industry for transferring drinking water, waste water, chemicals transportation, heating fluid etc.

Common Applications of Plastic pipes

  • Irrigation
  • Municipal water supply
  • Municipal drainage
  • Infrastructure drainage
  • Domestic and commercial Plumbing
  • Domestic and commercial drainage
  • Industrial chemical transportation
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Plumbing Materials, Plumbing Pipe and Fittings

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What Is Plumbing System

A home plumbing system comprises plumbing materials which includes a complex network of pumps, tanks, pipe & fittings, vents, taps, sanitary ware and fixtures among a plethora of other valves and apparatuses. This system in any building is responsible for moving around fluids for a wide range of uses. The common uses of plumbing include – delivering portable water, heating and cooling and waste removal. If this system is properly set in place then it will distribute and deliver the right amount of water to the water using appliances everywhere in the building. This includes a proper water supply to the bathroom and kitchen. The primary purposes of a plumbing system is to supply water for human use.

For this a large and densely complicated network of various pipes are set in place. Plastic pipes manufactured by Ajay pipes are an ideal and complete solution for any home or building plumbing.

PVC UPVC CPVC Pipes and Fittings

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PVC UPVC CPVC pipes and Fittings in Plumbing

UPVC or Unplasticised PVC is also known as rigid PVC and is the most commonly used plastic pipe for the transportation of drinking water. As the name suggests, no plasticizer is added to the PVC compound and these pipes are light in weight and easy to handle. UPVC pipes are ideal for cold water plumbing in both residential and commercial projects. In some cases UPVC 15kg pressure pipes are also used for cold water plumbing.

CPVC or Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride pipes are tough rigid plastic pipes with chemical resistance over a broad temperature range. The heat resistance of CPVC pipes is relatively high and so they handle temperature up to 93deg. C making them suitable for hot water distribution .
CPVC pipes are the ideal choice for hot and cold water distribution in residential and commercial buildings and are used to carry drinking water and food liquids. They are used in water treatment systems as well.

Both UPVC and CPVC pipes are widely used in water distribution systems. The main difference being the temperature bearing capability which makes CPVC ideal for hot and cold water.

Sewer Pipe

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About Sewer Pipe

Sewer pipes are underground pipe for transporting sewage from houses and commercial buildings (but not stormwater) to municipal sewerage for ultimate transportation to treatment facilities or final disposal.

A house or any building cannot be made without sewer pipes. It is the foundation of any structure. A well connected network of pocket friendly sewage and drainage pipes ensures that all the human produced waste reaches the septic tank or the sewer freely. There are many different types of pipes for serving different purposes in a building depending upon the material of construction.