How To Choose A PVC Pipes Manufacturer?

PVC Pipes Manufacturer

PVC pipes and fittings are used across industries for water distribution, water treatment, wastewater management, construction, mining and chemical processing. Over the last few decades, plastic PVC pipes have replaced traditional metal pipes owing to the many advantages they offer. Low maintenance, easy installation, corrosion resistance and high tensile strength are some of the many advantages that plastic PVC pipes offer.

If you are planning to start a plumbing project and looking for reliable PVC pipes manufacturers, here are some factors to consider:

1. Range of products: When you zero in on a PVC manufacturer, go for one that deals in a wide range of products valves, fittings and solvent cement. This ensures that you can find everything you need under one roof. This saves your time and effort. It would be an inconvenience if you would have to purchase different products from different manufacturers. We are a 56-year-old PVC pipe company that offers over 1750 products, including CPVC, UPVC, SWR, UDS and Column pipes and fittings. We have products of various sizes and types that can be used for different applications.

2. The durability of products: PVC pipes are a long-term investment and it is, therefore, important to choose a manufacturer whose products are durable. Made from high-quality materials, our PVC pipes have a life expectancy of 50 years. The longevity and durability reduce maintenance costs in the long run.

3. Easy installation: You can make significant cost savings when you opt for PVC pipes that are easy to handle and install. Pipes that are difficult to install require closer supervision and more training. Our pipes are designed for easy, fast and trouble-free installation. There are zero issues after installation.

4. Pipes made of non-toxic material: Lead poisoning is a serious concern that has been recognised across the world. When you are buying pipes for plumbing applications, always make sure that they are lead-free. Made from environmental-friendly and non-toxic compounds, our pipes are lead-free. Also, our pipes are designed to not allow any bacterial growth, making our pipes safe for potable water.

5. Certification: When you are buying PVC pipes, it can be tempting to opt for the products that are priced lowest. But if the products are of substandard quality, you will have to spend a lot of money on repairs. Always choose a manufacturer that has industry standards certification. Product certifications are a sign of the quality of assurance. As one of the leading PVC pipes manufacturers, we offer the most certified plumbing products in India. We also have certifications from American monitoring agencies. Our products are tested for critical parameters by some of the most renowned labs in India and abroad.

6. Technical assistance: High-quality PVC pipes serve you as per the life expectancy when they are installed properly. For better performance, your plumbing project needs proper technical assistance. We ensure that our technical team offer assistance to single-family homes, large residential buildings and commercial buildings. Our highly qualified team advises users during the installation of our products.




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PVC pipes serve as the ideal option for varying commercial, residential, and industrial plumbing systems. Its cost-effectivity, versatility, and durability makes it an ideal choice among certain homeowners and contractors. Moreover, knowing about pvc pipe price could be an overwhelming task due to certain factors that could affect cost. Let’s delve into major factors that could influence the pipe prices, that allows you to make a proper decision for your plumbing requirement.

Size of pipe

Its size serves as the major factor that could impact its price, as it comes in varying lengths and diameters. Usually, large pipes with high diameters seem to be more expensive in comparison to small pipes. Its varying price is because of enhanced material.

Pipe class

These pipes are entirely based on its wall thickness and pressure rating, and varying applications need pipes with different ratings. Plastic pipe price gets affected, as the high rated pipes seem to be more expensive.

Plastic Pipe Fittings, Plastic Water Pipe Fittings or Plastic Fittings

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What are Plastic pipe fittings

Plastic pipe fittings are plastic pipe connectors used in the plumbing & drainage system to join multiple pipes of the same or different sizes either to lengthen the pipeline or change the direction of flow. This regulates the water flow in the plumbing system. Based on their nature, they are either used to combine, divert, or reduce the water flow and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Plastic water pipe fittings are of a huge demand for any piping and plumbing systems used in an industrial, commercial, and residential application.

Drainage Pipe

Rain water drainage


What is a drainage pipe?

Drainage pipes are used to remove water or any other liquid from a particular area. In simple terms, a drainage pipe is used to dispose of waste water from homes and industries. These pipes are of utmost importance because of the purpose they serve. Did you know that drainage pipes also prevent floods triggered by soil erosion? Different types of drainage solutions include municipal drainage, road drainage, agricultural drainage, soil drainage, rain water drainage, house drainage, building drainage and industrial drainage. Upkeep of these pipes is the most important part of any building maintenance. It becomes impossible to carry on any routine work like cooking and cleaning if these water pipes are not functioning properly. Therefore, having the right knowledge and taking steps to maintain it is important.

Not all drainage pipes are the same. Different problems are solved by employing the usage of different drainage pipes. In order to skill fully manipulate the flow of wastewater, most commonly PVC pipes are used. If you are looking for some good quality of drainage pipes that will last years, then Ajay pipes will be the ultimate solution.

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Choosing Between Plastic and Metal Plumbing Pipes


What are Plastic Pipes?

Plastic pipes are lightweight, recyclable, easy to handle and install, resistant to corrosion, resistant to scaling, resistant to chemicals, resistant to microbial attacks hence they are cheaper to install and maintain and last very long.
There are different types of plastic pipes in the market namely PVC pipes, CPVC pipes, UPVC pipes, Pex pipes, PERT pipes, PPR pipes, MDPE pipes, HDPE pipes, Composite Pipes, DWC Pipes & Biaxially Oriented PVC Pipes. Choosing the right plastic piping system depends on its chemical compatibility, temperature rating and pressure of the fluid used in the application.