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PVC pipes price list and PVC pipe fittings price list

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There are four types of PVC Pipes:

1. PVC water pipes for water supply used in agriculture, infrastructure, and water supply
2. PVC drainage pipes for residential, commercial and municipal drainage
3. PVC plumbing pipes for cold water supply inside buildings
4. PVC underground drainage pipes

Looking for Plastic Pipe Fittings, Plastic Water Pipe Fittings or Plastic pipe connectors?


What are Plastic pipe fittings

Plastic pipe fittings are plastic pipe connectors used in the plumbing & drainage system to join multiple pipes of the same or different sizes either to lengthen the pipeline or change the direction of flow. This regulates the water flow in the plumbing system. Based on their nature, they are either used to combine, divert, or reduce the water flow and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Plastic water pipe fittings are of a huge demand for any piping and plumbing systems used in an industrial, commercial, and residential application.

Drainage Pipe – Everything You Need To Know


What is a drainage pipe?

Drainage pipes are used to remove water or any other liquid from a particular area. In simple terms, a drainage pipe is used to dispose of waste water from homes and industries. These pipes are of utmost importance because of the purpose they serve. Did you know that drainage pipes also prevent floods triggered by soil erosion? Different types of drainage solutions include municipal drainage, road drainage, agricultural drainage, soil drainage, rain water drainage, house drainage, building drainage and industrial drainage. Upkeep of these pipes is the most important part of any building maintenance. It becomes impossible to carry on any routine work like cooking and cleaning if these water pipes are not functioning properly. Therefore, having the right knowledge and taking steps to maintain it is important.

Not all drainage pipes are the same. Different problems are solved by employing the usage of different drainage pipes. In order to skill fully manipulate the flow of wastewater, most commonly PVC pipes are used. If you are looking for some good quality of drainage pipes that will last years, then Ajay pipes will be the ultimate solution.

All about Plastic Pipes & Plastic Piping Systems

Choosing Between Plastic and Metal Plumbing Pipes


What are Plastic Pipes?

Plastic pipes are lightweight, recyclable, easy to handle and install, resistant to corrosion, resistant to scaling, resistant to chemicals, resistant to microbial attacks hence they are cheaper to install and maintain and last very long.
There are different types of plastic pipes in the market namely PVC pipes, CPVC pipes, UPVC pipes, Pex pipes, PERT pipes, PPR pipes, MDPE pipes, HDPE pipes, Composite Pipes, DWC Pipes & Biaxially Oriented PVC Pipes. Choosing the right plastic piping system depends on its chemical compatibility, temperature rating and pressure of the fluid used in the application.

Plastic Pipe : Everything You Need to Know


Introduction to Plastic Pipes

Over the years, plastic pipes have successfully replaced the use of metal pipes. They are an ideal choice in most of the piping and plumbing solutions because these pipes do not corrode, are resistant to scaling, are light weighted, easy to handle and install. These features make them economical and highly durable due to which Plastic pipes are widely used in the water and food industry for transferring drinking water, waste water, chemicals transportation, heating fluid etc.

Common Applications of Plastic pipes

  • Irrigation
  • Municipal water supply
  • Municipal drainage
  • Infrastructure drainage
  • Domestic and commercial Plumbing
  • Domestic and commercial drainage
  • Industrial chemical transportation
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics