PVC manhole or PVC chambers for drainage are chambers connected to the underground drainage systems for the purpose of providing access for inspection and cleaning of the pipes by removing blockages.

Finding out the faults, leakages and blockages in the underground drainage systems is a mammoth task which could prove to be unfeasible and impractical in the absence of PVC drainage chambers.




Just as the name suggests, waste pipes carry wastewater from the residential, commercial and industrial units into the main pipelines. Waste pipes carry waste water from sinks, baths, showers and washing machines. Waste pipes do not have vents as the liquid waste water does not generate foul smell and gaseous substances.
Plastic PVC waste pipes are the most used pipes at present as they are more durable than other available variants.


Drainage House



Long networks of drain connecting either the different drains of a building to the main drainage system of the area or connecting several drainage systems of multiple buildings to one main system are called Drain Lines.
Drain lines consist of different kinds of pipes depending on the amount and type of waste they carry.Drain lines also have vents to prevent the gases from the waste filling up the households or neighbouring areas, these vents are connected to the pipes leading to the roofs of the buildings.

Several types of Drain pipes or Drain tubes are available in the Indian market as per the requirements, though it proves difficult to know exactly which pipe to buy if one is not a plumbing expert.

PVC Pipe Fittings Manufacturers in India

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What are Pipe Fittings?

Pipe fittings are pipe connectors used in the plumbing & drainage system to join multiple pipes of the same or different sizes, to lengthen the pipeline. This regulates the water flow in the plumbing system. Pipe fittings manufacturers make use of different materials like copper, iron, PVC, brass, etc.

Based on their nature, they are either used to combine, divert, or reduce the water flow and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Much to the delight of the PVC pipe manufacturers, pipe fittings are of a huge demand for any plumbing & drainage systems used in an industrial, commercial, and residential application.

Ajay Pipes – One of the Top UPVC Plumbing Companies in India

How to identify Top UPVC Plumbing Company

  1. Brand – The more value the brand holds, the more excellent the product is. It is very important to consider a brand while buying a plumbing supply. Always prefer a brand that continues to meet customer needs and satisfaction. 
  2. Certification – Buy products that are certified and approved by leading organizations in the industry. Certifications preserve the integrity of the products and ensure that the product used is safe and durable
  3. Product Range – Choose the plumbing company that has a wide range of products available under one roof. This will save you time and money. 
  4. Warranty – Make sure that every product you buy from a plumbing company has a warranty to protect you from unexpected repair costs. 
  5. Multi-Location Depot – The company should have depots in multiple locations so that the customer doesn’t go empty-handed while buying any product. 
  6. ISO Certified Company – The company should be ISO certified so that the plumbing supplies sold by them are safe and durable. 
  7. Product Performance – Based on your previous purchase experience, our word of mouth, prefer the company that offers products with good performance rate. 
  8. After Sales Service & Customer Care – How much importance a company gives to its customers depends on the after-sales service they provide. You can always trust a company that strives hard to maintain long-lasting customer relationships. 
  9. Sales Team – A good company will have a sales team that strives to bridge the gap between the potential customer’s needs and the products offered by the company. 
  10. Onsite Support – A reputed company will have an onsite support team that mainly focuses on 24*7 customer service. 
  11. Plumber Training – Many plumbing supplies companies have now started training plumbers on the latest plumbing technology concerning their products. 
  12. Old & Experienced Company – A company cannot achieve a brand value in a short period. Only a company that has marked itself in the respective industry and continues to serve customers at large scale can deliver products that are superior in quality.